Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy

The Academy occupies an area of 85 ha, has 8 academic buildings of 5 000 sq. m. in area where 608 classrooms and laboratories are located, 7 hostels of 46 000 sq. m. in area where 2 849 students live. The Academy has the sports center, vivarium, health and recreation resort, sports and health camp, scientific library, technical centers and two museums at its disposal.

One of the oldest educational institutions of Ukraine. The Academy was established on September 15, 1916 on the base of Katerynoslav high female courses. The status of academy was given to the institution in 1920 and returned once more in 1994.

42 clinical departments are located on the base of 28 polyclinics and use more than 15 thousands of beds. 29 specialized centers are arranged on clinical bases of the Medical Academy.

After graduation from the Academy graduates can choose the specialty of any medical profile.

Postgraduate Training of Professionals at Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy is carried out at the faculty of postgraduate education according to 26 specialties, in the conditions of internship – according to 39 specialties, Postgraduate Study Department – according to 21 specialty, residency training – according to 24 specialties and Master program – according to 12 specialties. The faculty of postgraduate education trains around 4.5 thousands of professionals annually. The postgraduate education is provided by leading scientists, doctors of highest medical qualification the number of which includes 19 professors and 58 associate professors.


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  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy

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