Visa and registration department

Migration requirements to foreign students.

  • Foreign students fall into the requirements of the migration legislation within their stay in Ukraine; it is critical to comply with these requirements!
  • All foreigners who arrive to Ukraine for the purpose of study have to obtain at the Migration Service the Certificate of Temporary Residence and have to be registered according to the place of their actual accommodation during study. The period of migration procedures performance for citizens of visa countries is no more than 15 days before visa expiration date (period of visa validity is 45 days), for citizens of non-visa countries – up to 75 days from the moment of Ukrainian border crossing.
  • The migration procedures can be fulfilled by our authorized workers on your behalf.
  • The Certificate of Temporary Residence is the very document that identifies the personality of the foreigner or stateless person and proves the legitimacy of your stay in Ukraine; it has to be provided under migration and other inspections.
  • The migration certificate is issued generally for the whole period of your study; but it is valid within a year if you study at the preparatory faculty.
  • Under entry to the next level of study (bachelor after the preparatory faculty or master program after bachelor program) or under transfer to other university check carefully the expiration date of your migration certificate – the documents for its prolongation have to be provided to the Migration Service not later than 15 days before its expiration.
  • Under expulsion the higher educational institution has to provide the notice about the end of your study to the Migration Service within 10 days, to submit your certificate and to cancel your registration. Following that you will have to leave Ukraine within 7 days.
  • Under transfer to other educational institution check carefully the expiration date of your Certificate of Temporary Residence.
  • An important point is that the migration legislation of Ukraine doesn’t permit the employment of foreign students during their study.
  • Seizure of your passport and the Certificate of Temporary Residence is illegal (except for the period when the procedure of your migration execution is fulfilled).