About Dnipro

Dnipro is located in the eastern part of Ukraine by both riversides of Dnipro which are spanned.


Dnipro is the fourth largest city in Ukraine after Kyiv, Kharkiv and Odesa.

The population of the city is more than 978 thousands of people as of October 1, 2016.

The climate of Dnipro is frigid and steppe. But there are some features typical for Mediterranean climate: dry summer and winter and more humid climate in the spring time and in autumn. While the summer is usually torrid under temperatures up to 40° C, most of fallouts coincide with spring. The lowest average monthly air temperature in January is 14.5° C (recorded in 1950), the highest (1,5° C) was recorded in 2007. The lowest average monthly air temperature in July is +18.4° C (observed in 1976), the highest (+25,6° C) was observed in 1936.

The absolute minimum of air temperature is 30.0° C (recorded on January 11, 1955), the absolute maximum is 40.1° C (recorded on August 10, 1930).


Dnipro is one of the largest industrial, economical and transport centers. There are more than 60 hotels in the city (5 of them have 5 rating).

The intraurban transport is represented by underground, trolley, bus and tram lines, as well as by the developed network of public taxi buses.

The system of higher educational institutions of Dnipro includes 38 establishments where more than 100 000 of students study.