About Ukraine

Why should I choose Ukraine for study?

Anyone who wants to acquire quality and affordable education chooses Ukraine and the result is equal to expectations.

The Ukrainian system of higher education includes educational establishments of different level of accreditation: colleges, institutes, universities, academies that train high-skilled professionals of widely differing major. Foreign students acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Due to good teaching staff, development and implementation of new technologies to educational process and to the entire educational system Ukrainian higher educational institutions train professionals who can improve a prestige of their home country.

10 reasons to choose Ukrainian education

Flexible conditions of entry into Ukraine and simply procedure of admission to higher educational institution. Visa support is provided for foreign citizens. You shouldn’t pass exams for admission to Ukrainian higher educational institution; you have to take a test.

Tolerant society

There are no interracial conflicts, religious oppressions and inter-ethnic confrontations in Ukraine. Ukrainians are tolerant of foreign citizens and they are known for their hospitality all over the world.

Affordable cost of study in Ukraine

The cost of study in Ukraine is substantively lower than in the countries of Europe, CIS, North America.

Accommodation in the hostel

Ukrainian higher educational institutions accommodate foreign students in hostels. The cost of accommodation is rather affordable.

High European level of education

Leading higher educational institutions of Ukraine have centuries-old history and strong teacher school. Many of them are recognized all over the world. In 2005 Ukraine joined Bologna Declaration and has standard educational system along with other 46 European countries that improves the mobility of students and graduates.

Various forms of study

There are different variants of study for foreign citizens in Ukraine: bachelor and master program, postgraduate education. You can choose remote and distance education. Language of study – English and Russian (at option).

Preparatory courses

The most part of higher educational institutions holds preparatory courses for foreign applicants in Russian and Ukrainian languages. Preparation for study at higher educational institutions takes from 6 to 10 months.

Wide choice of specialties

You can acquire medical, law, economical, engineering, technical and humanitarian specialties at higher educational institutions of Ukraine.

Successful launching of career in any country of the world

Ukraine is a member of The Hague Convention on simplified procedure of documents legalization as well as the member of Lisbon Convention of recognition of higher education qualification in European Region. Ukrainian diploma is recognized in all world countries.

Beautiful country with European standard of living

Ukraine is a beautiful country. Mountains, rivers, lakes and seas – original nature for healthy and active life. Historic sites, museums, theatres, sports activities, various kinds of hobby, active leisure – all of this you can find in Ukraine!

Snatch an opportunity to acquire quality higher education of European level at the attractive prices!