Arrival for study

Arrival to Ukraine for study

All foreign applicants who arrive to Ukraine for the purpose of study have to receive “The offer of a place” from the university they are enter; the offer has to correspond to the form approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Citizens of visa countries and of the countries with which the Ukraine concluded the agreements of visa-free stay up to 90 days (tourist, private and business travels) have to obtain a long-stay (“study”, type D) visa to Ukraine that allows to stay in the country more than 90 days.

Citizens of countries with which the Ukraine concluded the agreements of visa-free regime: the Russian Federation, Georgia, Moldova, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan do not need the visa to Ukraine but they have to provide the master copy or true copy of “The offer of a place” during crossing of Ukrainian border as a confirmation of purpose of their arrival to Ukraine.

In order to obtain the visa of D type you have to provide to the Consular Department of Ukraine in your country the documents according to the list specified at the website of the Embassy. This list of documents definitely includes the master copy of “The offer of a place”. Besides please note that the documents of your previous education have to be certified in a manner approved in your country (legalized (Ministry of Education + Ministry of Internal Affairs + The Embassy to Ukraine in your country) or certified by the stamp of Apostille + legalized in the Embassy to Ukraine). These documents have to be officially recognized in Ukraine in order to enable the Ukrainian Higher Educational Institution to issue the diploma to you upon graduation.

All “Offers of a places” given by the universities must be registered at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine before issuing to applicants. We will provide the official confirmation of such registration (visa support) to the consulate of Ukraine. The consul doesn’t accept documents of foreigner for opening of student visa without visa support. The visa support is the paid service, you can receive the information on payment from our workers.

The foreigners enter Ukrainian universities on the base of assessment of their documents of previous education. The necessary grade has to be defined by every university individually.

After arrival of the applicant to the University the Enrolment Board conducts the interview and determines the level of applicant’s knowledge according to basic disciplines of his specialty.

If the foreigner does not have the necessary level of study language the university offers him to enter the preparatory faculty; upon graduation from this faculty the foreigner can be enrolled to main study.
In any case “The world of education” will be your reliable and attentive partner in solution of all problems related to study in Ukraine!